October 7, 2006


Dear Khmer Patriots,

Let me share my vision and love of Cambodia with you. My first message to all patriots is, I am very happy to be born as Khmer in our beloved country and very thankful for those who gave me possility to serve our motherland.

Angkor land is a golden land of our ancestors left for everyone of us and us is to defend and take care of this beautiful land and this wonderful civilisation left by our ancestors, the one Angkorian.

Although our country and our society had been long time fractured by  endless ideological wars and colonisation; Siam, French, Vietnamese in the past and present time, but I still have strong confident that nothing is impossible, that the flame and spirit of Khmer always alive and warmly burn in everyone of us which can certainly unite us around common and National causes though to settle us to site, talk and work together no matter our difference.

Come up to build up strong unity among Khmer is the only way to save our people and homeland from this dying situation in which, and by irresponsibility of our leaders, drown our country into the situation which we are today. We were been divided, painted colour by different belief and ideologies which are not Khmer and everyone of us fall in this dying close cycle. For this reason, I appeal to all our patriots in Cambodia and around the world to put our different aside, site down and talk together to find out causes and reasons which make us for what we are today then try to find a reliable solution acceptable by all to get out of it. We must, and I insist it is imperative, put national priority as the centre of all interest for the survival of our nation.

A Nation cant stand without its National idealism, price and its nationalist human resource. This price, this love of own nation and humanity will give us responsibility, national consciousness and ambition to bring Cambodia to where everyone of us wish to reach, to mention, Peaceful , Free and Prosperious State. This is for everyone of us to make it happen.

Sourn SereyRatha