picher-1.jpgMr. Sourn Serey Ratha born in Battambang Province of Cambodia on November 18, 1973. He is the last son in farmer family who lives in Khnach Romeas Commune Bovel District.

Farther Name: Sourn Mey (Farmer in Battambang Province) Former of Republican Soldier (1970-1975)

Mother Name: Khin Song (Farmer in Battambang Province


Master Degree of International Policy from From MARA University of Technology of Malaysia 2004-2006

Bachelor Degree of Law from Institute of Law and Economic 1998-2002

Bachelor Degree of Sociology from Royal University of Phnom Penh 1996-2000


President of Khmer Student’s Movement of Nationalism (KSMN) from 1997-1998 (KSMN founded after coup 1997)

Founder Members of Student Movement for Democracy (SMD) in September 02, 1998 (KSMN did reintegration with other movement and then announce to become SMD).

Editor-in-Chief of Radio Samboxkhmom FM 105 Mz from 1998-2000

Program Officer of Khmer Institute of Democracy (KID) from 2000-2001

Monitoring Supervisor of Cambodian Women Crisis Center (CWCC) from 2001-2002

Monitoring & Research Coordinator of Working Group for Weapons Reduction (WGWR) from 2002-2003

National dsc00323.JPGProgram Coordinator of Commune Council Support Project (CCSP) from 2003-2005

Founder and Chair of Cambodian Sociological Club (CSC) in 2002

Founder and President of NGO Alliance for Freedom & Advocacy since 2000-2005

Present: Chair of Advisory Board of Media Academy & Forum (MAF) in Battambang, Cambodia


Present: Chief of Mission of Cambodian Action Committee for Justice & Equity (CACJE) for Cambodian Oversea, base in United State of America and other counties in EU.

Representative of South East Asia NGOs to be a Key note Speaker to UN General Assembly Hearing at UN Head Office in New York June 23-25 2005

press-conference-in-pp-airport-befor-to-attend-regioal-meeting-in-indonesia.jpgSelected as a Member of Executive Committee of South East Asia Committee for Advocacy (SEACA) for 2005-2006, by the annual meeting of Country’s Board of Director of SEACA in August 15-18 2005 in Jorjakata of Indonesia.

Key note Speaker and Moderator of parnel discussion during ASEAN Assemby People, organized by SEAN-ISIS in Philipine March 10-12, 2005

Member of Millennium Campaign for Globle Campaign for Action against Poverty (GCAP) from 2000-2005

Member of Social Watch Asia (SWA) and Chair of Angkor Declaration for year 2004

Representative of Cambodia Civil Society in ASEAN Summit 11th in KL of Malaysia, December 5-10, 2005.

Conference’s Moderator of ASEAN Civil Society engage in ASEAN Countries, Bangkok of Thailand September 9-11, 2005.

Member of Cambdian NGO delegation in ASEAN Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Hanoi 2004

Speaker to Conference of South East Asia Study Conflict Network (SEASCN) February 15-17 2003.

Member of Asia Pacific Researcher, to study on Muslim Community Conflict in Bangkok of Thailand, Bangkrour Community March 7-15 2003.


2001: Writer the transcribe and producer of 45mn movies <<The Road by Legal>> for Cambodian Women Crisis Center (CWCC) about on Rape, Sexual Trafficking and Domestic Violante.

2002: Conducted research in 5 provinces of Cambodia and wrote the Book << Feeling of Security>> that supported by Small Arm Survey from Geneva.

2003: Conducted Research in 13 Provinces of Cambodia and wrote book << Gun & Livelihood>> that supported by Princess Diana Foundation.

2004: Created the Method of Citizen Rating Report [Citizen Score Card] in Cambodia, Created Commune Research Team (CRT) in 2621 communes and other 12 communes that do not register by MoI, Create NGOs Partnership in 12 Provincial-capital of Cambodia and conducted wide country research on Social Basic Service Delivery that Supported by USAID through Asian Foundation.

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